Chew Treats for Overweight Dogs


Weight Problems

Being overweight is problematic for both large and small dogs. Inactive dogs suffer the most due to lack of movement, and are more susceptible to weight problems, which in turn negatively affects the general health of your dog.

Extensive chewing reduces the feeling of hunger and promotes activity

Natural chew treats by Masterfeed can be quite helpful in these cases. The extensive chewing required to get through these products takes a lot more time and effort in comparison with regular dry food and reduces the feeling of hunger, which means you can reduce the amount of food you give your dog. The effort it takes for your dog to eat them also promotes more rigorous activity.

Natural food promotes digestion

Our chew treats are solely made of natural, dried slaughter products, making them the perfect addition to normal dry food. The additional digestion activates your dog’s metabolism.

Delicious and healthy treats

This makes our chew treats the perfect thing for overweight dogs. You can also use these chew treats as a delicious and healthy reward, to help get your dog moving more. That way you kill two birds with one stone.