For Large Dogs


Chew treats are especially important for large dogs

When it comes to large dogs, normal dry food is often unstimulating. Although their jaws are built for intense, tough chewing, dry food seldom requires much chewing so their jaw muscles are not stimulated as much as they need. Behavioural psychology also dictates that more intensive engagement with food is much better, especially for larger dogs with a deep rooted hunting instinct. The chewing engages your dog, trains its motor skills and caters to its natural feeding instincts.

Wide range for dogs of every size

Masterfeed offers the highest quality chew treats, made in Germany for dogs of every size. There are a variety of chew treats for different sized dogs, depending on their size and jaw strength. This, for example, makes chew treats with lots of cartilage a better product for large dogs with strong jaws who enjoy chewing for longer.