For Small Dogs


Chew treats suitable for small and young dogs

Natural chew treats are by no means just for larger dogs, despite popular opinion. Just the opposite! Especially for younger or smaller dogs, intense chewing trains their jaw muscles and supports their physical development and fitness.

Chew treats as a tasty training method

In addition to that, young dogs in particular use chewing to learn how to properly coordinate their mouth, jaws and paws. Young dogs train their dexterity using chew treats. Chew treats are great for carrying around, hiding, burying and taking apart. They support the natural and healthy development of your dog.

Special chew treats for small dogs

Masterfeed also offers chew treats in various sizes and degrees of toughness, so small dogs can tackle them too. This makes things like turkey necks a great chew treat for beginners, and chicken stomach a fantastic little treat thanks to its small size.