Healthy Diet


Controlled Production

Masterfeed only sells the highest quality products, all of which are made from meat that is German bred, German fed, German slaughtered and processed in Germany! This is how we guarantee the safety and quality that you want for your dog. We do not distribute any products whose quality we cannot guarantee.

Natural Diet

Our products are not only strictly controlled, but nutritionally speaking they are also much better than artificially produced foods where you might not know exactly what has gone into it. More often than not, those products not only have no benefit for your dog, but can also be quite unhealthy.

The perfect addition to normal food

Chew treats are therefore a healthy and natural addition to your pet’s normal food. The long lasting chewing fun will keep your dogs occupied for longer. Smaller chew treats are perfect as a nice little treat, whereas larger, easy to digest chew treats like Rinds are a very nice, natural addition to their normal food.

Don’t be afraid of germs

Being afraid of unwanted germs in chew treats is totally unfounded: The gentle drying process, at approx. 80 degrees, kills them all, if there were any to begin with. Our products come from animals that are reared to the strictest German agricultural standards. What’s good for human consumption is also great for your dog!