Tooth care


Thorough tooth care is also important for dogs

Tooth care for dogs is just as important as regular tooth brushing for humans. Aside from periodontitis and parodontitis, the most common tooth problems in dogs are  calculus build up and tartar. This calculus build up often leads to plaque, which can quickly lead to gum infections or tooth loss in severe cases.

Vigorous chewing is proven to have a positive prophylactic effect

Chew treats mechanically clean your dog’s teeth and gums. This prevents plaque and tartar build ups, which in turn prevents bad odours. This has been proven by a variety of veterinary studies which have documented the prophylactic effect of vigorous chewing.  Chew treats are a completely natural way to clean their teeth, which eliminate the need to buy more pricey special products from the pet shop, and also make for more delicious rewards for your dog. Vigorous chewing also strengthens your dog’s jaw muscles, whilst promoting circulation in the gums and keeping your dog busy in a more natural capacity.

Standard pet food insufficiently challenges your dog’s jaws

While standard pet food insufficiently challenges the jaws of most dogs, chew treats actively train and strengthen their jaws, muscles and snout to keep your dog happy and healthy. This makes chew treats valuable items for the health and well-being of your dog. You can find a large selection of natural chew treats for dogs of different sizes in our shop.