Why Chew Treats?


Dogs have a natural need and drive to chew things. This urge is urge is not fulfilled with dry food, wet food or kibble. This leaves your dog lacking a fun and meaningful activity. Especially young and old dogs find chew treats quite  physically demanding, which helps with their development, or fitness in their later years.

Young dogs use chewing to learn how to properly coordinate their mouth, jaws and paws. They like to practice their dexterity using chew treats and bones, carry them around, hide them in the garden – and all of this moving around has a positive mental and physical effect on them.

The positive prophylactic effect of intense chewing has been proven.

Intense chewing not only makes your dog happy, but also helps with dental hygiene. The  friction helps remove any build up on the teeth better than all the specialist dental care products from your local pet shop. At the same time, blood circulation is promoted to keep their gums healthy. The jaws are also strengthened. Standard animal food is not demanding enough for the strong jaws of most dogs, which are intended to be worked much harder.

Chew treats with soft bones like poultry necks are the best thing to give young dogs to get them used to chewing bones – the best thing for keeping their teeth clean and healthy – as well as plenty of fun. Treat your dog to this natural fun. You don’t have to like the taste or even the look of these chew treats, but your dog will love them!

The best chew treats as a reward

Smaller chew treats, like chicken stomach for example, are a great reward, and are nutritionally much better suited for your dog than most artificially produced treats.

Being afraid of unwanted germs in chew treats is totally unfounded: The gentle drying process, at approx. 80 degrees, kills them all, if there were any to begin with. Our products come from animals that are reared to the strictest German agricultural standards. What’s good for human consumption is also great for your dog!