Why Masterfeed?


Masterfeed works very closely with the leading producers of chew treats. Our large purchase quantities allow us to not only offer the most attractive prices, but also have a great influence on the quality of our products. All Masterfeed chew treats are made using products from German rearing and slaughter. They are made solely from animal products, as it is best for your dog. Short distances from the slaughterhouse to the drying process and then to you ensures the freshest products. The gentle process refrains from using any additives and preservatives.

Chew Treats by Masterfeed guarantee safety and quality

The strict requirements for German rearing, feeding and slaughtering guarantees the safe and high quality chew treats that you would want for your dog. We refrain from using any products from other countries, whose quality we cannot guarantee. If they are produced in Brazil, India or Poland we cannot be as strict with our monitoring – so we don’t buy from there. We also save on transport costs and energy by buying locally. We may not be the cheapest, but certainly the most cost-effective.

Chew Treats by Masterfeed are fantastic value for money

Our chew treats also have another advantage: It is easy to recognise which animal the products come from. These are not artificially produced products where most of the contents are unknown. More often than not, those products not only have no benefit for your dog, but can also be quite unhealthy.

The Masterfeed Quality Guarantee

We only sell the highest quality German products, all of which are made from meat that is German breed, fed, slaughtered and processed!

We offer a comprehensive and straightforward product range. If there's anything we don't offer, your dog probably doesn't need it!